Notice: Certificates and Reprints

Notice: Certificates and Reprints

•    We happy to announce that almost all certificates were distributed by Feb 2021. 

•    We even managed to have a virtual graduation ceremony in 2020. 

•    For those who did not collect their certificates, you should Whatsapp 079 872 0033. The onus is on the student to supply Proof of Payments and copy of their Final Result Sheet. 

•    Certificate’s for courses done in 2021, would normally take 21 Working Days to respond to (during Level 2 & 1). 

•    Certificates for courses older than a year would take much longer, depending on evidence and truthfulness supplied. 

•    Often people who did not attend the graduation, and did not collect their certificates from our offices during normal times, may not have passed and may not have paid their fees within the specified period. 

•    We reserve the right to investigate the merits of each matter when the State of Disaster is uplifted. We will not act in a haste. 

•    For lost and damaged certificates less than 5 years old, re-prints cost min R380, providing there’s an old copy of the certificate. 

•    Reprints for certificates older than 5 years, can cost up to R890, and will only be done when the National State of Disaster is uplifted.

•    Consider we have trained thousands of people in a wide variety of skills all the way back to 1993.