Our Approach To Covid19

Our Approach To Covid19

  • The institute obeyed all the Lockdown Laws and Directives of Government.


  • No new students were registered after the pandemic was announced.


  • Students registered prior to the pandemic had a choice to either withdraw or to stop paying & resume later or to pay & study remotely.


  • Tutors had to avail themselves from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday for all the students that paid. Irrespective if the student engaged with them or not. As long as a student paid, tutors had to avail themselves.


  • During Level 3 Lockdown (August 2020) students could make an appointment and consult with their tutors, provided they paid.


  • During Level 2 Lockdown (from September 2020) students could resume in small classes provided they paid.


  • Those who could not afford to pay in 2020 had an opportunity to complete their payment and write their respective exams during 2021 at no extra cost.


  • All enquiries are dealt with remotely by email to info@sainstitute.co.za.